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Superlearning 3000 by Author Emily Gunter

Super Learning 3000:
learning made simple

By Elder Emily Diane Gunter
Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Paperback: $16.95

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It is my joy to reprint the original Superlearning 2000 with edited upgrades, with the original art work published in 1993 by my son, Kadir Nelson and the 2 original covers of the first two editions. Thank you Kadir for my new cover and the enhanced title of Superlearning 3000!! The message of this book will help our children to get to the 3rd Millennium in Peace!!

Superlearning 3000 helps you to learn with ease with your purpose and your creative geniuses. When you know your purpose and chose to use your genius to live, work and play; learning becomes exciting, interesting and engaging. This is a beginner’s guide to learning to use your mind, therefore how to learn. This system of learning works for all:

- Conscious breathing to you relaxed system of learning
- Building self confidence with your values
- Conscious breathing to your long term memory
- Life in balance with visual goal setting
- Note taking using mind mapping
- Pre-reading, speed-seeing, speed-reading
- Sleep incubation study
- Test-taking with relaxed recall
- Healthy snacks for learning
- 60 hearts beats per minute music

From the classroom to the boardroom, young or old, rich or poor, Superlearning 3000 process helps to prepare you for an entertaining and informative learning experience. Please enjoy Kadir Nelson's artistic expression of this powerful learning message. I am honored to collaborate with my son, Kadir again for the purpose of getting this message of learning empowerment to the children of the world. Enjoy!! Emily Diane Gunter

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